Development Consulting


The property development process requires extensive planning with attention to detail. To ensure a smooth process, the development project must be managed correctly in order to minimise potential risks and maximise profit. By selecting a competent project manager and utilising expert consultants, you can save money and minimise unwanted issues from arising throughout your property development process. For any one project, Shakra Group have the ability to coordinate specialised consultants including landscape architects, town planners, civil and hydraulics engineers and architects/building designers.

Below is a brief outline of the property development process

Development Feasibility and Project Management


Shakra Group has the experience and capability to manage all stages of your property development process from concept to completion. Each stage of the development will be micro-managed by Shakra Group to ensure we reduce any risks or errors from occurring. We ensure more profit for your time and investment, creating your development throughout the development process.

Shakra Group Services begin with Development Feasibility Studies, through to our assistance on the best strategy to sell your properties to achieve maximum return, along with all other stages of the property development process.


Project Initiation Feasibility Studies


Shakra Group provides a service of initial consultation where we will discuss and understand what your property development plans and strategies are, and what you aim to achieve. We then work closely together with you from the initial stages of the property development process, starting with obtaining a project site, to the final stages of completion. We ensure that you are always involved in the decision-making process for each stage of your property development process.

Shakra Group works with their team of certified consultants to provide developers with valuable information; from feasibility studies to building costs, or town planning approvals.

Make Your Proper Development Process Simpler.

We welcome you to contact Shakra Group. Use our experience and industry relationships to your advantage and make your property development experience successful.

Site Investigations


Shakra Group has the ability to provide detailed site investigation services within a quick timeframe. Our team of experts is able to complete all necessary checks to determine any negative issues that may affect the development site. By allowing Shakra Group to do the research before purchasing or developing a site, you can be better equipped to potentially avoid any unwanted issues arising throughout the development process.

Site Investigations include:

  • Flood investigations
  • Sewer investigations
  • Stormwater discharge and management plans
  • Contact us if you need more information about our residential or development property investigation services.

Site Aquisitions and Negotiations


As a part of our project management services, Shakra Group is not only able to source your development sites, we will also negotiate the purchase on your behalf. Beyond the standard purchase agreement, we will consistently work together with our legal team to insert any necessary contractual clauses that will protect our clients, as well as minimise risks. With our extensive experience in negotiating property deals, Shakra Group will always do our best to gain the best deals for Brisbane property developers.

Contact us for more information on our development property site acquisitions services today.

Planning and Development Approvals


Shakra Group always look at the best options for clients and ensure the best way to obtain fast and efficient building approvals that will in return reduce holding costs and allow construction to commence at the earliest date.


Builders / Construction Procurement


As experienced property developers Shakra Group are able to provide quality builder or builders quotes for clients. With strong working relationships we are able to ensure that our panel of builders are able to produce quality developments within the required time frame and agreed price.

Property Development Advisory


Shakra Group understands that completing property development projects without the relevant experience can be stressful and unknown issues can arise. Shakra Group is able to provide you with the option to utilise our full project management services or to work with our property development advisory team where we can guide you through the development project. A fixed fee is charged for this type of service.

Shakra Group understands that each development project is different and unique. We understand all sites have special characteristics that can limit maximum functionality, ranging from setbacks to height restrictions. With our experience over the years it has shown that with better property development planning, these boundaries can be challenged to provide a smarter and better design and construction. Our property development service is able to assist clients with their development planning and guide them through the property development approval process.


Project Management

Tenancy or Sales Coordination

After the development project has been completed and it has progressed to sell or lease the property, Shakra Group is able to assist with finding the best and most suitable consultants that will provide you with the best return.

If your planning to lease your investment properties, Shakra Group can assist you to work with the best rental management agency in your area based on the priorities you require.


Construction Management


Over the construction process, Shakra Group will conduct regular site visits in order to oversee each and every construction stage to ensure that quality is achieved to its highest level. We will manage and maintain a close working relationship with the builder or site supervisor to ensure that the project is completed on time and on budget and that every detail is upheld to the highest degree.

The construction management approach enables clients, project managers, consultants and the construction manager to work as a team in an arrangement of mutual trust which combines professional and technical skills towards a common objective for the best interests of the client.

The construction management approach allows for change at any stage during the project with minimum cost penalties. The purpose of this approach is to achieve client objectives of time, cost and quality.

Shakra Group has successfully undertaken a large number of projects applying this construction methodology offering a range of project delivery methods depending on the client and project requirements.
These may include fixed lump sum, cost plus or a construction management agreement.

We have a reputation for exceeding our client’s expectations throughout the delivery of a project.


Architectural Services


Our Architectural consultancy team have over 50 years in the industry. Our consultants have achieved many design awards and have been celebrated by architecture critics and fellow practitioners alike, as contributing significance for Australia’s architectural history.
We work with our clients and consultants to create inherently valuable and enduring designs that transcend regional trends and fashions, and achieve programmatic requirements, budget, and time frame of our projects. Our pursuit is to create contemporary architecture of the highest quality that is aesthetically pleasing, contextually appropriate, and fully and appropriately resolved.

Projects located both Internationally and in Australia, have corporate, government and private clients for designs of public buildings, academic buildings, laboratories, hotels, offices, residential towers, residences and mixed-use developments including recreational, recycling, conservation projects and master planning/ urban design at a major scale.

In this age of digital technology, the art of architecture is realized through the collaboration of many and various specialists. Under the considered eye of the Architect, we ensure the desired outcome of formal compositions that realise the modulation of space and light within a modernist genre. The search for clarity of a strong idea, informs our work, and our approach to the urban condition, which is supported by a multinational team of consultants that brings a wide range of view and experience to the design process.


Schematic Design Analysis


Are you looking at purchasing a development site but unsure of what can be built? Shakra Group has the team to provide you with a Schematic Design Analysis where you can explore the design considerations as well as confirm the projects’ viability before commencing with an investment. Involving our team of experienced consultants, architects or building designers, they will thoroughly inspect your site and provide rough schematic sketches of potential design options.

Our team of consultants have worked on: